​​Yearning for a break from the increasingly blurred line between corporate and civilian interests, and the economic duty to monetize their hobbies, Midcentury Llama was conceived by childhood friends Sam Okrent (keys/vocals), Eric Gantner (drums), and Frank O’Meara (guitar). While the three had played and grown together as musicians during their youth, it wasn’t until the boys all found themselves in Chicago again in their twenties, working 9-5 jobs (that don’t pay enough) that they began experimenting with catchy soundscapes while enjoying ice cold tall beverages. These audio centric, toe tapping, hook focused musings continued to develop until they just couldn’t anymore and the band was forced to release their self titled record, Midcentury Llama, in October ‘2. The band went on to play many a great show to promote their tunes. Alas, as so often happens in this big unpredictable thing we call life, Nick bought a house and had to be replaced by another Nick. The band had to pivot and now, emboldened by the added musical prowess of new members Charlie Zhang (guitar/vocals) and Nick Cramer (bass/trumpet), they are moving forward with a great indifference towards realistic expectations. Midcentury Llama is excited and prepared to push things even further with their upcoming second record, No More Bad News.